Digital Downloads

Educator Resources

If you are a K-12 teacher looking for computer science activities to integrate into your classroom or a parent looking for computing activities to do at home, check out our free resources below. All activities were created by a Constellations fellow.

Reading User Input with Javascript

Use this PDF to guide you through activities that will assist in teaching students how to read user input with Javascript. For a video to walk you through these activities, visit

Unplugged Activity - Sorting Networks

Take a break from the screen and learn about sorting networks with this unplugged activity.

Center Information Resources

Looking for more information about our center or resources to share with fellow teachers, administrators, donors or parents? Download any of our printable resources below.

Constellations Brochure 2019

Download the Constellations brochure for more information about the center, what we do, and our impact.

More Digital Downloads

Converting Binary Numbers to Decimal Numbers These activities can be used in the classroom to help students understand binary numbers and how to convert binary numbers into the decimal systems. Watch the accompanying YouTube video at

Constellations/CodeHS AP CS Principles Course Framework The Constellations Center is implementing the CodeHS online APCSP course in schools integrated with unplugged and physical computing activities to provide a variety of teaching and learning modalities in a rigorous high school computer science course.

Selection Practice Problems Work through selection practice problems. We challenge you to complete all five!

Constellations One Pager 2019 A great resource for those interested in supporting the center or those interested in becoming a Constellations school.